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Innovation Connecting Enterprise Holdings

Our aim is to ensure that each customer engagement is treated to the best of our abilities. Being highly focused on Customer Satisfaction we ensure that each demand is met in full, leaving each customer with a bright smile and a trusting heart.

The core functions of ICE Holdings

Hosting and Backup Services

Being a Microsoft 365 partner, we have a broad range of Microsoft SPLA as well as
Office 365 solutions to offer. Each recurring license comes with technical services inclusive. Our Backup solutions are designed for each respective need, from single users to corporate clients you can be assured that your data will be safeguarded!

ICT solutions

ICT Solutions

From peripherals to high-end infrastructure, we have you covered. Having phenomenal relationships with distributors country wide we will be able to provide any Hardware and Software within the industry at optimal prices.

Technical Support and Services

As part of the ICT industry, we offer a wide variety of  Technical Support and Services. Taking each customer’s needs and requirements into consideration, we will build a cost effective solution to optimize your work space. Not only focusing on complete business support we have technicians dedicated to home users as well.

Security Solutions

As fellow South Africans we understand that crime is all around us. We have
Consulted with many Experts within the Security Sectors to guide us along the path to provide optimized, cost effective solutions to aid in the protection of your family, staff, friends and business. Each solution will be provided after a site survey has been conducted to ensure each corner has been secured.


As part of the evolution of life as we know it, it has become clear to us that the only way to survive and stay on top of the changes is to stay up to date on the latest technology developments. IoT refers to the adoption to the latest growth and integrations that technology allows. IoT provides us with the ability to achieve the once thought impossible.

Leasing and Funding

With the Global Economy taking major strain, we understand that keeping up with the latest technologies can be financially stressful. We have many investors and funders within our reach with great appetite for new projects and opportunities, we have the ability to assist majority of our clients with flexible budget friendly solutions. From asset refinancing to project funding, our specialists will guide you through the process.

Our Group