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Fire, Health, Safety and Security Solutions

As part of any employer’s responsibility, it is highly important to conduct business in a Fire, Health and Safety compliant environment. Employees should be protected from any possible hazards as much as possible. By combining our Premium Security solutions with your Health and Safety requirements, you can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned.

Fire, Health and Safety

Complete health and safety audits are required to be conducted at least once per year. By having your Health and Safety file updated and readily available you are already one step ahead. As part of our many offerings, we can assist by getting a complete health and safety file together with the installations and maintenance of Fire equipment. By having this in place you can rest assured that your environment is compliant with the regulated health and safety requirements.

CCTV Procurement and Installations

Our CCTV product range not only caters for enterprises but fully aids the consumer market as well. Not only do we analyze the perimeter for possible security risk areas, but we also procure and install complete CCTV solutions tailored to your premises. Our specialists are skilled with the knowledge in any CCTV brand on the market allowing us to prepare solutions based on your brand preferences. Whether the solution be for home users or corporate environments, remote analytics can be incorporated into the design giving you peace at heart that you can monitor remotely from anywhere.

Our Security sub-contracted services

As part of our value-added services under security solutions, we have specialized sub-contractors that cater for the below fields of expertise:

  • Guards
  • Security Escorting Services
  • VIP Protection
  • System Analysis and Installations
  • Monitoring Solutions