Financing Solutions

Through our many years in the industry we have realized that one of the toughest struggles for many companies is the financial pressure when perusing large projects. We have done some extensive research in the market and built a great database of funders with appetite for these transactions. Not being limited to only funding projects we have a selection of funders focusing only on the funding of large equipment at affordable prices.

Single Invoice Discounting

  • No monthly admin fees, no raising fee and no annual renewal fee
  • Is disclosed meaning the debtor would be aware of the facility

Full Book Discounting

  • Once off facility raising fee
  • Annual renewal fee
  • Monthly Admin fee varies depending on the size of the debtors book and admin associated with that.
  • Confidential facility meaning debtors are not aware of the facility

Stock Finance

  • Backed against client’s stock holding
  • Cession of the stock is taken as security
  • Pricing is higher here due to the risk of selling on a forced sale basis should there be a default
  • Once Off raising and annual fee

Purchase Order Finance

  • On a back-to-back basis with matched pro-forma invoice from the supplier and purchase order with the debtor.
  • Single invoice discounting on the back end in terms of settlement of exposure
  • Generally, a percentage of the profit realized by the client on the transaction. Percentage varies from deal to deal

Specialised Equipment Finance

  • Cash flow that would otherwise be locked into the life of the equipment.
  • Working capital remains intact as deposits are negotiable.
  • Acquisition of specialized equipment with little or no initial capital outlay, deposits or escalating costs.
  • Finance options flexible enough to benefit any kind of business.