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iTalk 10

The iTalk 10 radio has two models, the 3G/4G model and the NFC model. Where the
3G/4G model is designed for mobility units and travel purposes, the NFC model
focuses on Guarding and Patrol protocols.

iTalk 10

4G / 3G / GSM (GPRS) / WIFI Transmission:
It provides flexible ways of using PTT service under various radio environments, if WiFi is on, WiFi will be the first choice for transmission; if WiFi is off, then 4G / 3G comes first.

NFC (optional) / Bluetooth:
NFC and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities
for extended use, like guard patrol options.

Global PTT Service:
Users can use PTT service globally via public operator’s existing mature 2G / 3G / 4G network.