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Procurement Management

ICT Procurement

With a wide range of products and well-established brands in the ICT industry, we can source, procure, install and maintain any ICT related equipment. Our services are available for any established environment ranging from consumer through to large enterprises. We have product and service specialists to aid with any requested service or procurement requirements.

Technical Services

Our team is very passionate about providing phenomenal support to each client who knocks on the door. With 24/7 support our team can diagnose, repair, replace and maintain your ICT Hardware and Software with a smile. Our services include, but is not limited to, once off support queries, SLA agreements, remote support, onsite support and cellular support.

Hosting Services

The whole world is moving towards a complete paperless environment. Having your operations stored in the cloud not only provides you with accessibility but also provides flexibility from anywhere in the world. Our Hosting services includes but is not limited to:

• Office 365 and SPLA Services

• Domain and Server hosting

• Website design and maintenance